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You shall know us by our billboards

04.18.18 Posted in Movies, San Francisco by

Hopping out of the Bay Area bubble is always an experience but this past quick trip to LA was a keen reminder of just how dominant technology has become here because the billboards are all completely different in LA. Here everything is about Apple’s latest iPhone campaign, SAS services, Internet security, and start ups I’ve […]

Gomorrah and Manchester City

01.04.18 Posted in Movies, Sports by

It’s been pointed out that Pep Guardiola and Ciro Di Marzio aka Il Immortale bear more than a passing resemblance. After watching too much football and the second season of Gomorrah in the past weeks I’m now convinced that Azpilicueta and Lino Musella aka The Dwarf continue the trend. Similar jaw line, missing mole…

Separated at birth

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Being Steve Coogan

11.15.13 Posted in Movies by

“The red-tops, meanwhile, revelled in reports of cocaine use, liaisons with lap-dancers and an extended sex session on a bed full of banknotes. He concedes that much of this had some basis in fact, but that’s not the point.” From an interview with the Guardian

Separated at Birth: Gael and Julia

10.02.13 Posted in Movies by

  Relative of Gael Garcia Bernal?

Remembering the River Kwai

10.12.12 Posted in Movies by

Eric Lomax, one of the soldiers tortured during the construction of the railroad depicted in The Bridge on the River Kwai, died Monday and has a fascinating obituary.

J Dilla Changed My LIfe

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Double feature: 80’s urban comedy of errors category

08.07.12 Posted in Movies by

After Hours and Into the Night.  NY and LA, Scorcese and Landis, Patricia Arquette with Griffin Dunne and Jeff Goldblum with Michelle Pfeiffer.

Cinematic love triangle: Creepy suspense, Venice and Daphne du Maurier

06.19.12 Posted in Movies by

Don’t Look Now and Comfort of Strangers are the obvious double feature but what about adding Rebecca or Rosemary’s Baby to round it out?

Lost among the Hunger Games media blitz

03.23.12 Posted in Movies by

All this talk about the Hunger Games movie, the stories about the anticipation among the young audiences, the stories about Soderbergh shooting second unit, the stories by media outlets who don’t write about cinematic adaptations of YA fiction so they write about the marketing of cinematic adaptations of YA fiction¬†(and in more than one source […]