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Why can’t FOX get baseball right?

10.19.10 Posted in TV by

I am like many people in that I have been watching this baseball postseason in bars. As with many bars the jukebox is blaring or even if the TV sound is on you can barely hear it over your fellow fans. I happen to be a Giants fan which means that I’m following the National […]

Today, revisiting Martin Short

10.18.10 Posted in Movies by

I dipped into the world of mid-eighties mainstream comedy last night in the form of the “Three Amigos.” It’s a strange hybrid of mainstream Hollywood shtick featuring the best comedians of the era and directed by John Landis just as he was passing out of his comic genius phase. The Amigos is a classic Hollywood […]

The Max Garrone Show

10.05.10 Posted in Max by

It’s about what I’m reading, watching and listening to just in case you’re interested.  Oh and the occasional excursion too.