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Oh heartless Garrone!

12.03.10 Posted in Italy by

While on a recent trip to Italy I noticed the headline to the left on La Stampa’s front page which reads “Heartless Garrone.” It’s my surname so it really jumped out. Sadly I have no known connection to this Garrone, Riccardo Garrone. It’s doubly unfortunate because Riccardo is the president of Sampdoria, one of Genoa’s […]

Gathering, Roasting and Cooking with Chestnuts

12.03.10 Posted in Food by

A belated cross post from a recent post I did for the Bay Area Bites Blog. I know, a week late and a dollar short but I’ve been busy. — On a recent trip to Italy I dropped into a temporary shack set up just like a Christmas tree lot but this one featured all […]