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Agony thy name is Scott Simon

01.29.11 Posted in Media by

Pain is listening to a Scott Simon commentary on Weekend Edition Saturday. Agony is a Scott Simon commentary that mentions Chicago.

On the toilets of Italy

01.25.11 Posted in Italy by

Traveling in Italy is always a joy but one of the stranger elements of the voyage is the range of toilet design in Italian bathrooms.  They vary by shape, size, design motif on the toilet and much more.  Here’s a quick gallery with apologies for the quality of the photography:

Favorite things in the kitchen

01.24.11 Posted in Food by

Little did I know what I’ve been missing among all my European knives. My dad woke me up with a Japanese vegetable knife for Christmas and it is now my favorite blade. It is incredibly light and sharp, perfect for everything vegetable and soft. That is: It won’t do well paring squash skins but it […]

If Scientologists can advertise why don’t Catholics?

01.24.11 Posted in Religion by

Ricky Gervais joked about Scientologists at the Golden Globes last week but the actual Church of Scientology ran a huge ad during the event. It was such a general, aspirational ad that, at first, it seemed like it had to be for Cisco or IBM. If I remember correctly it was a version of this […]

Rediscovering Henry Rollins

01.24.11 Posted in Music by

He’s older but hasn’t lost any of the bombast or hyperbole. Fortunately his musical taste is still expansive and mostly matches mine minus the occasional Dio track. I may have known that he had a KCRW show but just rediscovered it with a vengeance. Thanks for the tip James.

Iverson Istanbul

01.08.11 Posted in Sports by

Robert Huber of Philadelphia Magazine obviously has it in with his editors because he wrangled a trip to Istanbul to check on Allen Iverson’s progress in Turkish basketball.  Though his prose can soar a bit too far from view the subject is fascinating.

Award for interface failure

01.07.11 Posted in Technology by

It’s bothered me for years that whenever you complete a transaction at a Bank of America ATM there is no communication that your transaction is complete. At the end of your ATM transaction you just get a screen with the marketing message du jour. Even though I know a transaction is complete I reflexively wait […]

Bowl season

01.07.11 Posted in Sports by

College bowl season is the only thing that feels longer than the NBA post season.