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Selling out never looked, nor sounded, so good

04.27.11 Posted in Media by

The Karl Lagerfeld imitation takes the cake.

Less Than Zero

04.26.11 Posted in Movies by

Despite some ham fisted direction, a great cast dominated by Robert Downey, Jr. and perfect musical selections from Rick Rubin make “Less Than Zero” well worth watching. Plus there’s the pitch-perfect picture of rich kid LA in the go-go eighties, with high-concept art parties, coke, lofts, art, punk going pop, more coke and all the […]

Netflix, much more than DVDs?

04.07.11 Posted in Movies by

I just noticed this little note on the Netflix mailer. What have people been sending in them?      

Another reason to move to Chile

04.06.11 Posted in Sports by

Pristine seafood, sunny coastline, wine and now this: VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

Put a mask on it

04.06.11 Posted in Music by

I missed this when it was originally released but it pretty much sums up the status of Dre these days. IE overbranded sell out.

The creative life

04.01.11 Posted in Art by

From a portrait of Lucien Freud and his dealer We do a couple of day trips every now and again. William’s got his wonderful private jet, and we make use of that. In the spring we went to Paris for the Pompidou opening and then on to Madrid for the Prado, which was closed on […]