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The online experience

05.24.11 Posted in Media, Sports by

I usually read the New York Times online so this Sunday I read the Lionel Messi profile that way.  It’s a great summation of a great player and nice of the Times to set up the Champions League final so I ripped through it and then went on with my life.  Yesterday I happened upon […]

The 24th St. Project

05.13.11 Posted in Maps by

A little over ten years ago Carol Lloyd wrote a piece about 24th St at the beginning of the dot com bust.  It featured empty store fronts, neighborhood stalwarts and the overarching question of whether the street could retain its character as the real estate market and economy changed around it. Her piece lodged in […]

The Argentinian Chaplain

05.12.11 Posted in Sports by

After watching Lionel Messi getting slide tackled, artfully making something of it and then popping up with an “who? me?” look for the umpteenth time in last week’s final leg of the Barcelona v Real Madrid Champions League match I suddenly realized that he’s the Charlie Chaplain of contemporary soccer.  Both look completely innocent as […]