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The future imagined

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Instead of this, we get this: Rimino – A Human Touch on Mobile Experience from Amid Moradganjeh on Vimeo.


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[View the story “LeBronology” on Storify]

Stein Back

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Buddha Back

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Espresso Map

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Here’s a map of my favorite espresso places in the country.  My taste skews to the soft and creamy. I try to provide a bit of context about the shops but my primary goal is to tell you where you can find a decent espresso so that we can all avoid another horrible experience at […]

How the media works

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It’s all about dining.  From NY Magazine’s Daily Intel: A few weeks ago, Sulzberger invited Abramson to lunch at Le Bernardin. They discussed the executive editor job. After the meeting, Abramson wrote Sulzberger a long memo about her vision for the paper. Sulzberger reportedly talked to editorial-page editor Andy Rosenthal and D.C bureau chief Dean […]

Alien technology

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I just watched Alien again. Not much has changed since my DVD capsule review in Salon. It’s the same brilliant film, still beautiful to look at and genre defining all these years later.  The only thing that jumped out at me this time is just how badly the future of computing was imagined.  All the […]