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Now Do I Have a Reason to Use My AK?

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The story about Ice Cube’s perfect day develops some wrinkles.  Perish the thought that it could be apocryphal.

Mistakes Google Makes

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Now I Really Have No Reason Whatsoever To Use My AK

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Kid Finds the Literal “Good Day” from Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day”

Sanitgold’s 80’s Incarnation

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She’s the Lauren Hutton in Mercedes Benz’s Wizard of Oz

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#Kobesystem = #Kobeparody

01.26.12 Posted in Sports, TV by

Kobe’s attempt at arch self parody actually results in unconscious self parody.

San Francisco in Winter

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Coffee Culture

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This interview with some of San Francisco’s coffee innovators says more than I can imagine about the state of our culture.    

Please do not touch

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Stable employment

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I want to get a job at the Research Center for Social Contradiction mentioned here. It’s bound to be the most stable employment any of us could ever find.