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Update: What We’re Up to In Iraq

02.08.12 Posted in News by

This is great. As an update on my earlier musings on this matter: We have somewhere around 16,000 people in the American embassy in Iraq but this Washington Post article is scathing in the quotes it draws about the embassy’s efficacy.

Tales of the absurd

02.06.12 Posted in History by

From the brilliant World War II Day-By-Day Blog Near Pico Island in the Azores, British destroyer HMS Westcott (escorting troopship Llangibby Castle to Gibraltar) sinks U-581 with depth charges (3 killed, 37 taken POW by HMS Westcott). Leutnant zur see Walter Sitek swims 6 km to shore and returns to Germany through neutral Spain. He […]

Obit of the day

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Ben Gazzara: NY Times |LA Times


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Brilliant as just a trailer because it completely embraces that Hills level reality TV sensibility and mates it with the teen party genre. Weird Science meets Old School without the science? Throw in a dash of Instagram, a heavy dose of YouTube and fueled by Facebook.  Voila, you get: