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Free Mario!

06.23.12 Posted in Sports by

After Monday’s most excellent Mario Balotelli goal to seal Italy’s advance into the Euro Cup 2012 quarterfinals Mario was quickly shushed by Mario Bonucci.  According to Grantland Bonucci put his hand over Balotelli’s mouth because:  What he said, he said in English and I didn’t understand. So I put my hand in front of his […]

The passion of Slaven Bilic

06.23.12 Posted in Sports by

So sad to see Croatia eliminated from the toughest group.  Of all the groups, C merited 3 teams in the quarterfinals.  Bilic whipped his team into enough shape to tie Italy, beat Ireland and almost drew with Spain.  That certainly qualifies his team to run deep this cup.  It’s a pity to see them out. […]

Diamanti’s hair

06.22.12 Posted in Sports by

What’s the deal with Italy’s replacement attacker’s ragamuffin like hairstyle?  

ESPN’s if you can’t beat them moment of design inspiration

06.21.12 Posted in Sports, TV, Uncategorized by

ESPN’s intros for the Euro 2012 matches as well as this omnibus intro     are a nice tribute to Game of Throne’s title sequence.  It’s had quite an impact visually.

Wither gossip journalism?

06.19.12 Posted in Media by

I always depend on the Daily Beast for the most trenchant commentary. Vide: Macaulay Culkin’s Life After Fame The ‘Home Alone’ star has all but vanished, except for a monthly party that he DJs in Manhattan. Ramin Setoodeh went and found a roomful of adults in Jurassic Park costumes.

Cinematic love triangle: Creepy suspense, Venice and Daphne du Maurier

06.19.12 Posted in Movies by

Don’t Look Now and Comfort of Strangers are the obvious double feature but what about adding Rebecca or Rosemary’s Baby to round it out?

On the power of earthquakes and Parmeggiano

06.11.12 Posted in Food, Italy by

  Update: The Wall Street Journal has an excellent photo essay on the “Angels of Parmesan” ie the rescue crew trying to salvage as much as they can. It’s a pretty eery gallery.

San Francisco: Meet Global Warming

06.09.12 Posted in Maps by

Burrito Justice reminds us that the America’s Cup course in 2072 will have quite a different configuration.