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The Mill in Sacramento

09.16.13 Posted in Espresso by

While cruising Sacramento’s Midtown Farmers Market Saturday I happened up The Mill stand serving espresso and pour overs. It’s one of the best  kiosks I’ve visited, they serve 24 gram pulls of a very well rounded espresso in porcelain. They also make appearances at the West Sacramento Farmers Market Thursday evenings and are available for […]

Front proves that Potrero Hill may just be the center of the coffee world

09.16.13 Posted in Espresso by

Potrero Hill is rapidly becoming the Olympus of the coffee world. From its august heights you can look down at some of the city’s best coffee and get there in a matter of minutes. It’s sort of like the Robert Duval story from Colors, why chase the hottest coffee places all over town when you […]

WoodFour Brewing opens up the Sebastopol scene

09.13.13 Posted in Food by

West Sonoma has always been a culinary highlight full of all the raw materials you could imagine which overwhelmed the actual restaurants. Little sparks have always existed like West County’s Freestone Bakery, Graton’s Underwood, Sebastoplol’s own K&L but that side of the equation has always lost out to the apple orchards and sundry other growers and […]