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Iron and Steam

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A cafe within a bar behind steel bars, Iron and Steam services Polk Street clientele during daylight hours with its ancient chromed Gaggia. The back to basics menu features the core curriculum of espresso drinks. The chalk board lists an espresso then three espresso and milk mixtures; the 2 oz Pingo, 4 oz Galao, and […]

Kronner Burger

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UPDATE October 30, 2013 – Per Tablehopper Chris Kronner is closing up Kronnerburger on November 22nd because he’s found a permanent location in the Oakland. — Hidden behind an almost unmarked door underthe Bruno’s marquee on Mission St, 2389 Mission St. to be exact, you’ll find a dark cave encompassing bar and burger restaurant that […]

Linea Cafe

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Tucked behind Duc Loi on the corner of 18th and San Carlos Linea occupies some as yet unnamed niche in Mission cafe culture. Does it fill a vacuum in the Valencia coffee gulch? Is it a tendril of 18th Street’s gourmet gulch extended towards Mission St., perhaps with ambitions on the Inner Mission? Maybe it’s […]

Separated at Birth: Gael and Julia

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  Relative of Gael Garcia Bernal?

Wise Sons fills a gap in the museum gulch

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When SFMOMA closed we lost the best picturesque espresso with a side of culture but Wise Sons’ outpost in the Jewish Contemporary Museum is doing its best to fix that with a full espresso bar serving De La Paz along with all the sandwiches and salads. You’ll have to brave security to get in but […]