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Four Barrel Portola

11.22.13 Posted in Espresso by

Four Barrel recently expanded to one of the most counter intuitive locations imaginable in San Francisco, 2 Barrows St right off San Bruno Avenue, directly abutting 101. The spot couldn’t be more out of the way except for freeway drivers but it’s the ultimate in San Francisco neighborhood existence, tiny, exposed concrete, and a great […]

Being Steve Coogan

11.15.13 Posted in Movies by

“The red-tops, meanwhile, revelled in reports of cocaine use, liaisons with lap-dancers and an extended sex session on a bed full of banknotes. He concedes that much of this had some basis in fact, but that’s not the point.” From an interview with the Guardian

Papa November

11.02.13 Posted in Espresso by

Papa November is a tiny mesh faced trailer parked on an empty corner lot that fits a barista duet serving Stumptown to the design district at the foot of Potrero Hill where Henry Adams runs into Kansas at 15th St. Their espresso has a nice nuttiness to it and acidity so bright that they should […]

Eli’s Caffe Zagreb

11.01.13 Posted in Espresso by

Zagreb and the Balkans in general have an Italian affliction when it comes to espresso, the general level of quality at any caffe is fairly high, better than any of the major chains, but it’s still stuck in second gear. That and the merciful absence of any espresso chains is a blessing to anyone traveling […]