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Obit della dia: Franco Columbu

08.30.19 Posted in Obituaries by

Known as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sardegnan sidekick, Franco Columbu led his own very colorful life that began as manual laborer and boxer, and evolved into champion weightlifter. By all accounts the two maintained a great friendship until the end, they even started a bricklaying business in LA because the bodybuilding was all ambitious hobby and no […]

Revisiting Apocalypse Now

08.26.19 Posted in Movies by

Watching what is billed as the final cut of Apocalypse Now is a revelatory experience. It puts watching movies on TV to shame and shrugs off 99% of any other cinema that I’ve seen in recent years. The level of craftsmanship, engagement with the theme, everything about it screams cinema – it really does define […]

Tarantino tales

08.23.19 Posted in Movies by

Welcome to yet another elaborate Tarantino American revenge fantasy which does double duty as a fantasy of the white studio system coming through the 60’s intact. Once Upon a Time in …. Hollywood is simultaneously incredibly engaging film making and morally dubious nostalgia. As with all of his movies the premise is very straightforward: TV […]

So long RSS, hello RSS!

08.13.19 Posted in Media, Technology by

It’s been a minute since Google Reader was the organizing factor of online media. Google killed the project to, as they explained at the time, clean up their application suite later admitting that they were trying to create their own universe of mico-targeted social media. That worked out real great for Google and the world. Others […]

War dramas

08.07.19 Posted in Movies by

  Rewatching Platoon and Casualties of War back-to-back is a contrast in cinematic style wrapping thematic continuities. They’re really quite disconcerting social mirrors that moralize without much self consciousness. To get the purely technical elements out of the way first. Brian DePalma’s Casualties of War is clearly more in control and mannered. All those years […]

Hockney plays himself

08.06.19 Posted in Art, Movies by

I recently saw A Bigger Splash in the theater. It’s a new 4k restoration hitting art house screens around the country that follows David Hockney and his circle in the 70’s. It’s a semi-fictional / semi-documentarian film about Hockney’s break up with a lover and England. It’s easily one of the strangest things I’ve seen […]

A map to Armagnac distilleries

08.01.19 Posted in Spirits by

In June we spent some time visiting Armagnac distilleries in the Southwest of France. The area is ravishingly beautiful – full of vineyards, bastides (the fortified villages built to defend against the marauding English), and a variety of culinary specialities that will leave you reeling. The pleasure of the area, technically the Gers / Tenareze, […]