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Cinematic walls

05.26.20 Posted in Movies by

It’s fascinating to watch what changes in times of crisis. Examples are legion from the past ten weeks but the over-the-top direct to TV film releases turns an entire industry on its head. While Netflix and others have been doing some of this now it’s the movie theaters getting in on the action. Just in […]

Pick and roll

05.24.20 Posted in Obituaries, Sports by

Jerry Sloan never won a championship mostly because of one man, Michael Jordan, but he created a truly amazing system.  

If you bitch long enough

02.10.20 Posted in Movies by

The people in charge listen. That or the world changes of its own accord. The Criterion Channel is now featuring Wim Wenders’ magnum opus, a 287 minute version of Until the End of the World that hadn’t been available in the US. It comes along with a short documentary on Nick Cave recording his contribution […]

The hits, they just keep coming

01.06.20 Posted in Food by

With yet another local Italian specialty spot closing, this time in Eureka, it’s starting to feel like the old world won’t be around much longer. The nostalgia factor is driving plenty of revisionist red sauce restaurants but where’s the soul in that?

Remembering Burt Williams

12.13.19 Posted in Obituaries, Wine by

Burt Williams, co-founder of Williams Selyem died Wednesday. The obituary that Williams Selyem sent around does an amazing job of summing up his life and is a picture of a different time in the California wine world. Give it a read.

Streaming at the service of radio

12.13.19 Posted in Media, Music by

I got lucky and grew up in a place and era rich with community radio. It ends up that the Monterey Peninsula in the 80’s had more than you could handle. Hell, I probably still have crumpled pieces of paper sitting around of bands that I need to look up because my cassette and, then, […]

Giant fluffy puppies, soccer, and Ronaldo

12.12.19 Posted in Movies, Uncategorized by

All of that and more in Diamantino, a gigantic satire of Portugal and its star number 7 now available on Criterion. Perhaps this marks a new step in their evolution as a streaming service, over the top distributor for films which fall through the cracks. It seems like yesterday but Netflix used to occupy a […]

Diluting the brand

11.12.19 Posted in Food by

California Olive Ranch is big. They have at least 13,000 acres of olives in Northern California and have been aggressively marketing their bottles as reasonably priced local olive oil. It seems to have been successful, visit markets of a certain ilk and you’ll see their bottles. But this weekend I noticed that they’re no longer […]

No, not that Willie Brown

10.23.19 Posted in Obituaries, Sports, Uncategorized by

Obit du jour from football’s golden age.

No respect for your elders

10.18.19 Posted in Food, San Francisco by

Riffing off yesterday’s post about the new restaurant critics and catching up in general, Soleil Ho’s take down of Le Colonial is a such a picture of generation shift. There’s no respect for one of Willie Brown’s favorite restaurants because it’s an amusement park confection of colonialism. Brown’s SF used to be something to aspire […]