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No respect for your elders

10.18.19 Posted in Food, San Francisco by

Riffing off yesterday’s post about the new restaurant critics and catching up in general, Soleil Ho’s take down of Le Colonial is a such a picture of generation shift. There’s no respect for one of Willie Brown’s favorite restaurants because it’s an amusement park confection of colonialism. Brown’s SF used to be something to aspire […]

The culinary conversation’s next generation

10.17.19 Posted in Food by

Just when you thought that the culinary conversation had congealed into listicles along come the new voices to guide the conversation. The new culinary critics bring fresh perspectives that are the fruits of their youth and identities, many are female and come from a variety of backgrounds. And, it feels like they’re all pressing one […]

Italian market life

10.09.19 Posted in Italy, Music by

Life in Torino’s Porta Palazzo Market scored by MCDM aka Max Casacci e Daniele Mana.

Your next SF mayor

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According to the SF Chronicle’s Voter Guide  

Brittany Howard

10.08.19 Posted in Music by

Boy, she’s the real deal.

American history in a wine glass

10.08.19 Posted in History, Wine by

I’m way behind on the excellent I’ll Drink to That podcast but recently caught up with a doozy, an interview with David Hirsch which ends up being an incredible voyage through America from the 60’s to the present. There’s a bit of everything, the wide open West, the hippy life here and internationally, and all […]

A cork encounter

10.07.19 Posted in Food by

My latest shipment of Birichino arrived with the usual cast of bottles from California’s hidden vineyards. It’s truly a remarkable project that consistently surprises with experiments and winemaking that finds unique expression. But the thing that really caught my eye was the quarterly missive which included the following coda: A FEW WORDS ON CLOSURE Lastly, […]

Raging Tempest

09.27.19 Posted in Music by

Kate Tempest is the lyrical genius that Eminem aspired to be – he gave up on lyrical content in favor of formalism early on while she’s not doing much with the form but expanding the content of the genre.

Candide or the death of irony

09.11.19 Posted in Books, Italy by

While reading Candide this past week I was struck that Forrest Gump is essentially the same Zelig like tale without a hint of the sardonic and ironic tonic that makes Voltaire’s tale so fun and honest. This is the archetypal European v American comparison that Graham Greene was so fond of but rendered so starkly. […]

Obit della dia: Franco Columbu

08.30.19 Posted in Obituaries by

Known as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sardegnan sidekick, Franco Columbu led his own very colorful life that began as manual laborer and boxer, and evolved into champion weightlifter. By all accounts the two maintained a great friendship until the end, they even started a bricklaying business in LA because the bodybuilding was all ambitious hobby and no […]