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Hockney plays himself

08.06.19 Posted in Art, Movies by

I recently saw A Bigger Splash in the theater. It’s a new 4k restoration hitting art house screens around the country that follows David Hockney and his circle in the 70’s. It’s a semi-fictional / semi-documentarian film about Hockney’s break up with a lover and England. It’s easily one of the strangest things I’ve seen […]

The art of digital invisibility

04.15.19 Posted in Art, Books, Media by

In an age where everything seems available, we’re actually being steamrolled by new creations as some of our most valuable movies, books, and music (let alone high art) are disappearing from view – many times they’re not physically available – but the bigger challenge is just keeping the important things front of mind. Otherwise you […]

LA ahead of the curve

02.20.19 Posted in Art, Food by

We had a great long birthday weekend dining and looking at art all across LA. Amazing dining experience at Here’s Looking at You which has its own take on the new ethnic synthesis in pulling together Asian and European ideas in a refreshing and fun mix. Kismet continues the march of the Trois LA Empire […]

The Anderson Collection Remixed – De Kooning

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The Anderson Collection Remixed

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Let’s not ignore color

12.07.14 Posted in Art by

And this trio is one of the better juxtapositions that gets at how color works. Also at the De Young right now.

A complete guide to abstraction in art

12.07.14 Posted in Art by

This trio of Lichtenstein’s is the most concise encapsulation of the ideas in abstraction that I’ve ever seen. It’s currently on view at the De Young with a well curated collection of works that focus the mind on the key concepts in late 20th Century painting.

Career description

01.18.14 Posted in Art, Media by

“He reminds me very much of the flâneur: He’s in society and not engaging. But there’s a fork in the road where the flâneur is able to take all that knowledge and mobilize it, but never is it about personal agency. Sort of like the Wizard of Oz.” Kehinde Wiley speaking of Jeffrey Deitch from […]

Metal and art

11.18.12 Posted in Art by

From the program accompanying “Trimpin: Nancarrow Percussion Orchestra” at the Berkeley Art Museum: “As a young boy in the Black Forest region of Germany, Trimpin (b. 1951) played the flugelhorn, often practicing with his musician father.  But when an allergy to metal forced him to stop playing the horn, Trimpin took the opportunity to explore […]

From the annals of contemporary art…soccer

09.26.12 Posted in Art, Sports by

A sculpture of the turning point in Italy’s 2006 World Cup campaign.