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A hint of positivity in the book world?

04.20.19 Posted in Books by

Recently I couldn’t find two books in local book stores because they had sold out and they couldn’t back order them through their warehouses. Of course Amazon had copies but in chats with the bookstores I got a funny picture of publishing today that makes me wonder if the industry is actually doing well. Ottolenghi’s […]

The art of digital invisibility

04.15.19 Posted in Art, Books, Media by

In an age where everything seems available, we’re actually being steamrolled by new creations as some of our most valuable movies, books, and music (let alone high art) are disappearing from view – many times they’re not physically available – but the bigger challenge is just keeping the important things front of mind. Otherwise you […]

A pound for your book

02.01.19 Posted in Books by

One of the tiny and great discoveries of our trip to England this Christmas which continues to illuminate our lives more than a month later is the Penguin Modern series. These are tiny books, so slight that they really do fit into your back pocket with nary a bulge, and are full of literary inspiration. […]


10.26.14 Posted in Books by

  Tess Gallagher’s introduction to the Japanese introduction to Raymond Carver’s “Ultramarine” which was republished in “New Paths to Raymond Carver.”