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Sustainable business

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Sunday A post shared by Scott Rocher (@rochers) on Jun 19, 2016 at 8:47am PDT   I’m just catching up with my podcasts after a long vacation so StartUp‘s latest titled “Building a Perfect Cup of Coffee” really caught my attention. I really like StartUp because it provides such nuanced portraits of the business world which […]

If you trust Europe with the standards, you’d have to trust America with your coffee

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We just returned from a luxurious trip through Italy, Southern France, and a lightning strike into London which revealed many things about the cultural stereotypes embedded in that old joke about how in an ideal world the Germans are the engineers, French the chefs, Italians the lovers. Lesson 1 – You can still trust Italians […]

Blue Bottle Sansome

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Technically known as Sansome, Blue Bottle Coffee’s latest cafe is an example of what a local business should be: It’s profoundly local in most of what it does, especially in where its cafes are placed and how they’re designed. Blue Bottle has made a business out of recovering classic spaces or carving something entirely new out of […]

Provender Postulates Potrero caffeinapocaypse 

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Marzocco check. Sightglass check. Hexagonal white tiles check. Air plants check. Provender recently opened on Potrero’s frequently changing 18th St strip. It brings the best coffee on the hill, to date by serving that Sightglass with just the right pour length. It’s a bit too bright for me but more integrated than the surrounding espressos […]

Scarlet City Roasting

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Pin ball machines go with craft beer, why not espresso? Maybe, especially espresso given how well Scarlet City works. It’s situated on an Emeryville corner surrounded by the out-of-control generic condo developments that are rapidly consuming every bit of open space in the Bay Area. The location isn’t exactly gemütlich, concrete is the governing architectural […]

20th Century Cafe

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20th Century Cafe in Hayes Valley conjures up a swelling false nostalgia for Hapsburg era Trieste, or is it Zagreb? It could just as easily be Vienna but this sliver of a elegance along Gough Street wouldn’t countenance those comparisons. The ladies that run it come straight out of San Francisco and the menu, while […]

How your coffee is made

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Sweet Maria’s has a great video of the post fermentation processing in the middle of an Ethiopian night.

Trouble Coffee – Bayview

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Trouble’s second incarnation is a half block off Third on Yosemite amidst homes and sundry light industrial buildings. It feels like SOMA in the 80’s and 90’s, bedraggled but with creative spark. The city is obviously growing this direction, the sunny weather is already there. And then there’s Trouble which has carved out its own […]

Pinhole Coffee

01.22.15 Posted in Espresso by

 Pinhole Coffee is one of the more recent additions to San Francisco’s coffee landscape and the latest demonstration that there are many trained baristas with ambition ready to plug the caffeine holes in our urban fabric. The barista is familiar from Blue Bottle, this end of Cortland in Bernal doesn’t have coffee, so the business […]

Dignita in The Hall

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The rapidly changing mid-Market area gets its own makeshift food space called The Hall next door to pioneering Show Dogs and it features a tiny stand for Dignita. They push out shots of an acid forward espresso roasted by Thump in Bend, Oregon and sell Dignita’s line of packaged foods plus pastries and pour overs. […]