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Today’s the big day

04.30.19 Posted in Food by

It’s your last chance to indulge in Lucca’s (full name Lucca’s Ravioli Company) traditional Italian deli because they’re closing today at 6PM. I’ve paid my respects a few times since the announcement but it’s still a sad occasion because resources like this never come back. New shops mean new visions and that old time idea is […]

My how times change

04.29.19 Posted in Food by

Things have been changing so much in SF lately that the old laments are just getting boring. Tomorrow Lucca’s closes. Jardiniere just closed. God knows how many other places have done the same in recent months. And then there are the changes within institutions. This past week we dropped into Cotogna partially because they made […]

The languages of cooking

04.24.19 Posted in Food, Italy by

It’s spring so my garden plot is overflowing with leafy greens. The nettles are making it dangerous for anyone in shorts, the favas are bursting to the sky, and it’s been difficult to keep up with the arugula. And that’s just half of it. Given the bounty I’ve been searching high and low for recipes […]

Dinosaur restaurants or nostalgia for those old time spreads

04.17.19 Posted in Food by

If you wander north of the Golden Gate through Western Marin and Sonoma you’ll run across the culinary remains of the immigrants who settled there from the late 19th and well into the 20th centuries. Dotting many of the small towns are classic Italian dining rooms that feature set ups, hearty pastas, and meats. Some […]

Putting your money where your maiz is

04.10.19 Posted in Food by

It’s great to see such a prominent local Mexican restaurant not only making their own masa but using Oaxacan corn. El Molino Central has been quite a project so it’s gratifying to see all those lines out the door. It’s even more gratifying to see them put their money into supporting native corn species in […]

How do you define independence?

04.03.19 Posted in Food by

It’s no accident that I’ve been noticing the Independent Brewers seal a lot more lately. The Central Coast is full of beers sporting the label created less than two years ago in the midst of a raft of big breweries gobbling up some of the OG craft brewers. To jog your memory just over the […]

Right attitude, wrong target

04.01.19 Posted in Food by

I finally got around to reading the San Francisco Chronicle’s new food critic, Soleil Ho‘s, first batch of reviews which includes a take down of Chez Panisse. It’s entertaining because she’s clearly trying to make immediate noise by moving the focus from local classics. The only problem is that Chez Panisse is actually quite a […]

LA ahead of the curve

02.20.19 Posted in Art, Food by

We had a great long birthday weekend dining and looking at art all across LA. Amazing dining experience at Here’s Looking at You which has its own take on the new ethnic synthesis in pulling together Asian and European ideas in a refreshing and fun mix. Kismet continues the march of the Trois LA Empire […]

Bygone California

02.11.19 Posted in Food by

Listen to the first 10-20 minutes of Levi Dalton’s latest “I’ll Drink to That” podcast with Joel Peterson and dip into a different work where you could chance on a 1945 CNdP for a 50’s Thanksgiving and casually gather abalone on the coast. It dives deep into the history of the Zinfandel industry after that […]

Kitchen Work – Food writing’s quiet revolution

04.19.18 Posted in Food, Media by

Kitchen Work is a delightful food journal because it turns all the food media standards on their head. You won’t find it on most magazine racks, in fact the only place I’ve seen it is where I discovered it on the shelf at Ritual on Valencia tucked away among the rest of the merch. A […]