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How do you define independence?

04.03.19 Posted in Food by

It’s no accident that I’ve been noticing the Independent Brewers seal a lot more lately. The Central Coast is full of beers sporting the label created less than two years ago in the midst of a raft of big breweries gobbling up some of the OG craft brewers. To jog your memory just over the […]

Right attitude, wrong target

04.01.19 Posted in Food by

I finally got around to reading the San Francisco Chronicle’s new food critic, Soleil Ho‘s, first batch of reviews which includes a take down of Chez Panisse. It’s entertaining because she’s clearly trying to make immediate noise by moving the focus from local classics. The only problem is that Chez Panisse is actually quite a […]

LA ahead of the curve

02.20.19 Posted in Art, Food by

We had a great long birthday weekend dining and looking at art all across LA. Amazing dining experience at Here’s Looking at You which has its own take on the new ethnic synthesis in pulling together Asian and European ideas in a refreshing and fun mix. Kismet continues the march of the Trois LA Empire […]

Bygone California

02.11.19 Posted in Food by

Listen to the first 10-20 minutes of Levi Dalton’s latest “I’ll Drink to That” podcast with Joel Peterson and dip into a different work where you could chance on a 1945 CNdP for a 50’s Thanksgiving and casually gather abalone on the coast. It dives deep into the history of the Zinfandel industry after that […]

Kitchen Work – Food writing’s quiet revolution

04.19.18 Posted in Food, Media by

Kitchen Work is a delightful food journal because it turns all the food media standards on their head. You won’t find it on most magazine racks, in fact the only place I’ve seen it is where I discovered it on the shelf at Ritual on Valencia tucked away among the rest of the merch. A […]

Next time you think of pitching something outrageous

03.13.18 Posted in Food by

I’m trying to imagine Jonathan Gold’s pitch to his editors; the one that got them to foot the bill for his trip to Copenhagen, a meal at the new Noma, and sundry other pursuits. There were moments when my trip to Copenhagen last week seemed like a stroll through a panopticon, with a sense that […]

San Francisco bar (non) memories

01.29.18 Posted in Food, San Francisco by

At least, memories that I wish I had. After getting something of a glam turn for a few seconds of screen time in Fincher’s Zodiac the M&M also has its own web page. I was schooled about this place repeatedly at the other SF Chronicle bar, the Tempest. Sadly I never got to know it.

Contramar still has it

01.26.18 Posted in Food by

After all of these years Contramar still has it all. Impeccable service by squads of waiters who are there in a second if you need anything. Mostly that’s not even necessary because they seem to intuit when you’ll want something and are already there as your head tilts up. The place is still packed so […]

Cava goes upscale

01.24.18 Posted in Food by

I had a really fun time tasting through Codorníu’s line of cava over lunch yesterday. They poured their entry level Ann de Codorníu as we sat down but the highlights were the very high end Gran Reserva bottles. Each was very distinct, something to be savored outside of the normal ‘it’s a party, let’s have […]

Finding that tasting room that counts

01.08.18 Posted in Food by

I first encountered Birichino wines through Gus’ wine selection and Local Cellar which are both great for finding gems in small production Californian wine makers. One thing led to another and I started following Birichino on Instagram which is spare but actually performed the role that I want out of social media for this sort of […]