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Italian market life

10.09.19 Posted in Italy, Music by

Life in Torino’s Porta Palazzo Market scored by MCDM aka Max Casacci e Daniele Mana.

Candide or the death of irony

09.11.19 Posted in Books, Italy by

While reading Candide this past week I was struck that Forrest Gump is essentially the same Zelig like tale without a hint of the sardonic and ironic tonic that makes Voltaire’s tale so fun and honest. This is the archetypal European v American comparison that Graham Greene was so fond of but rendered so starkly. […]

The languages of cooking

04.24.19 Posted in Food, Italy by

It’s spring so my garden plot is overflowing with leafy greens. The nettles are making it dangerous for anyone in shorts, the favas are bursting to the sky, and it’s been difficult to keep up with the arugula. And that’s just half of it. Given the bounty I’ve been searching high and low for recipes […]

If you trust Europe with the standards, you’d have to trust America with your coffee

07.10.16 Posted in Espresso, Food, Italy by

We just returned from a luxurious trip through Italy, Southern France, and a lightning strike into London which revealed many things about the cultural stereotypes embedded in that old joke about how in an ideal world the Germans are the engineers, French the chefs, Italians the lovers. Lesson 1 – You can still trust Italians […]

On the power of earthquakes and Parmeggiano

06.11.12 Posted in Food, Italy by

  Update: The Wall Street Journal has an excellent photo essay on the “Angels of Parmesan” ie the rescue crew trying to salvage as much as they can. It’s a pretty eery gallery.

On the toilets of Italy

01.25.11 Posted in Italy by

Traveling in Italy is always a joy but one of the stranger elements of the voyage is the range of toilet design in Italian bathrooms.  They vary by shape, size, design motif on the toilet and much more.  Here’s a quick gallery with apologies for the quality of the photography:

Oh heartless Garrone!

12.03.10 Posted in Italy by

While on a recent trip to Italy I noticed the headline to the left on La Stampa’s front page which reads “Heartless Garrone.” It’s my surname so it really jumped out. Sadly I have no known connection to this Garrone, Riccardo Garrone. It’s doubly unfortunate because Riccardo is the president of Sampdoria, one of Genoa’s […]