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San Francisco: Meet Global Warming

06.09.12 Posted in Maps by

Burrito Justice reminds us that the America’s Cup course in 2072 will have quite a different configuration.

El Rinconcito Nicaraguenses

04.02.12 Posted in Food, Maps, San Francisco by

After a long hiatus I’m back on the 24th St. Project. The latest entry is on El Rinconcity Nicaraguenses. Why wait in line at Wise Sons when you can cross the street to this sure to be empty Nicaraguan outpost. You can catch up on Mari Mar’s endlessly evolving soap opera plots while Feliz Navidad […]

Espresso Map

06.03.11 Posted in Food, Maps by

Here’s a map of my favorite espresso places in the country.  My taste skews to the soft and creamy. I try to provide a bit of context about the shops but my primary goal is to tell you where you can find a decent espresso so that we can all avoid another horrible experience at […]

The 24th St. Project

05.13.11 Posted in Maps by

A little over ten years ago Carol Lloyd wrote a piece about 24th St at the beginning of the dot com bust.  It featured empty store fronts, neighborhood stalwarts and the overarching question of whether the street could retain its character as the real estate market and economy changed around it. Her piece lodged in […]