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Streaming at the service of radio

12.13.19 Posted in Media, Music by

I got lucky and grew up in a place and era rich with community radio. It ends up that the Monterey Peninsula in the 80’s had more than you could handle. Hell, I probably still have crumpled pieces of paper sitting around of bands that I need to look up because my cassette and, then, […]

So long RSS, hello RSS!

08.13.19 Posted in Media, Technology by

It’s been a minute since Google Reader was the organizing factor of online media. Google killed the project to, as they explained at the time, clean up their application suite later admitting that they were trying to create their own universe of mico-targeted social media. That worked out real great for Google and the world. Others […]

The art of digital invisibility

04.15.19 Posted in Art, Books, Media by

In an age where everything seems available, we’re actually being steamrolled by new creations as some of our most valuable movies, books, and music (let alone high art) are disappearing from view – many times they’re not physically available – but the bigger challenge is just keeping the important things front of mind. Otherwise you […]

Spotify switches horses

02.07.19 Posted in Media by

Initially there’s the novelty of Spotify buying Gimlet, the podcast publisher which got its start with an agonizingly earnest podcast which revealed everything about business and people. Then there’s the reward: Finally the content people are getting a share of the titanic money gusher. But then the picture expands quite a bit. The play looks […]

Film in the digital era (Episode…..)

10.29.18 Posted in Media, Movies by

The news that FilmStruck is closing down isn’t exactly surprising but it does strike a chord because, aside from MUBI, it was one of the only streaming services to focus on curating movies outside of the mainstream. If you go to iTunes, Netflix, or Amazon you’ll see plenty of movies on offer but most of […]

Kitchen Work – Food writing’s quiet revolution

04.19.18 Posted in Food, Media by

Kitchen Work is a delightful food journal because it turns all the food media standards on their head. You won’t find it on most magazine racks, in fact the only place I’ve seen it is where I discovered it on the shelf at Ritual on Valencia tucked away among the rest of the merch. A […]

Career description

01.18.14 Posted in Art, Media by

“He reminds me very much of the flâneur: He’s in society and not engaging. But there’s a fork in the road where the flâneur is able to take all that knowledge and mobilize it, but never is it about personal agency. Sort of like the Wizard of Oz.” Kehinde Wiley speaking of Jeffrey Deitch from […]

New York Magazine goes off

08.15.13 Posted in Media by

Last week’s New York Magazine was yet another argument for Adam Moss as the editor of our time. First up, Scott Brown’s conversation with script doctor Damon Lindelof which takes a tour through the his trade and dissects the world of the summer block buster through a hypothetical retelling of the story of John Henry. […]

The Guardian: Why read any other obituaries?

01.05.13 Posted in Media by

I’ve ceased reading anything but the Guardian obituaries because they’re so well written and focus on the people that really make the world tick.  Here’s a quick example: His stately demeanour and slightly otherworldly, almost aristocratic appearance gave him the air of an Oxford don: bespectacled, pin-striped and with a floppy forelock, he was easy […]

Wither gossip journalism?

06.19.12 Posted in Media by

I always depend on the Daily Beast for the most trenchant commentary. Vide: Macaulay Culkin’s Life After Fame The ‘Home Alone’ star has all but vanished, except for a monthly party that he DJs in Manhattan. Ramin Setoodeh went and found a roomful of adults in Jurassic Park costumes.