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2020 in music

02.04.21 Posted in Music by

The year that was sonically, at least according to all the songs that I saved to my Spotify playlist. The rules were pretty simple, songs came out in 2020, I liked them. I still like them after listening to them again for a good chunk of January. The 2021 playlist is already underway. Enjoy.   […]

Streaming at the service of radio

12.13.19 Posted in Media, Music by

I got lucky and grew up in a place and era rich with community radio. It ends up that the Monterey Peninsula in the 80’s had more than you could handle. Hell, I probably still have crumpled pieces of paper sitting around of bands that I need to look up because my cassette and, then, […]

Italian market life

10.09.19 Posted in Italy, Music by

Life in Torino’s Porta Palazzo Market scored by MCDM aka Max Casacci e Daniele Mana.

Brittany Howard

10.08.19 Posted in Music by

Boy, she’s the real deal.

Raging Tempest

09.27.19 Posted in Music by

Kate Tempest is the lyrical genius that Eminem aspired to be – he gave up on lyrical content in favor of formalism early on while she’s not doing much with the form but expanding the content of the genre.

Getting my radio groove back on

04.12.19 Posted in Music by

I grew up on a diet rich in local radio stations spanning college stations like UCSC’s KZSC to Cupertino’s KKUP with some KPIG thrown in for sport so I’m always game for new ideas in radio and Radiooooo has it. Select a country from the map and an era and let it run. So far it’s […]

2017 in music

01.25.18 Posted in Music by

I’m almost a month late but here it is, my favorite songs of 2017 in a nice little mix that will take you in a few directions. In contrast take a look at the bizarre assemblage of stuff that I listened to over the year. According to Spotify’s Wrapped feature, these are my ‘top songs […]

Things gleaned from Wikipedia

01.10.13 Posted in Music by

Huey Lewis and the News Under the name “Huey Harp,” Lewis played harmonica on Thin Lizzy’s 1978 landmark album Live and Dangerous. That same year, Lewis was playing at Uncle Charlie’s, a club in Corte Madera, California, doing the ‘Monday Night Live’ spot along with future members of the News. After recording the song “Exo-Disco” […]

J Dilla Changed My LIfe

09.26.12 Posted in Movies, Music by

Now Do I Have a Reason to Use My AK?

01.31.12 Posted in Music by

The story about Ice Cube’s perfect day develops some wrinkles.  Perish the thought that it could be apocryphal.