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No respect for your elders

10.18.19 Posted in Food, San Francisco by

Riffing off yesterday’s post about the new restaurant critics and catching up in general, Soleil Ho’s take down of Le Colonial is a such a picture of generation shift. There’s no respect for one of Willie Brown’s favorite restaurants because it’s an amusement park confection of colonialism. Brown’s SF used to be something to aspire […]

SF as a location

04.12.19 Posted in San Francisco, TV by

We’ve been working our way through the first two episodes of season two of the OA and – outside of it continuing as the creepiest and one of the best filmed things on TV – it really manages to take advantage of the Bay Area as a location. It has some of the obvious but […]

You shall know us by our billboards

04.18.18 Posted in Movies, San Francisco by

Hopping out of the Bay Area bubble is always an experience but this past quick trip to LA was a keen reminder of just how dominant technology has become here because the billboards are all completely different in LA. Here everything is about Apple’s latest iPhone campaign, SAS services, Internet security, and start ups I’ve […]

San Francisco bar (non) memories

01.29.18 Posted in Food, San Francisco by

At least, memories that I wish I had. After getting something of a glam turn for a few seconds of screen time in Fincher’s Zodiac the M&M also has its own web page. I was schooled about this place repeatedly at the other SF Chronicle bar, the Tempest. Sadly I never got to know it.

Getting it with Pizzeria Delfina

07.11.17 Posted in Food, San Francisco by

It’s pretty remarkable that a place that has been around for years and one that has branches across the city continues to knock out some of the best pizza in the area while offering the definition of a casual dining experiencee. Credit Craig Stoll or whoever he has managing this project. They know what they’re […]

Mazarine caffeinates Market

01.07.15 Posted in Espresso, San Francisco by

That cold, wind swept, expanse of Market Street that seemingly only serves as a conduit for flying trash and MUNI now hosts a top notch espresso bar. Mazarine features Upland’s Klatch and San Francisco’s own Ritual. I tasted an incredibly rich, soft, and muddy Klatch Belle which performs one of the greatest tricks of the espresso world, it’s […]

Potentially enigmatic license plate of the day

03.14.13 Posted in Photos, San Francisco by

El Rinconcito Nicaraguenses

04.02.12 Posted in Food, Maps, San Francisco by

After a long hiatus I’m back on the 24th St. Project. The latest entry is on El Rinconcity Nicaraguenses. Why wait in line at Wise Sons when you can cross the street to this sure to be empty Nicaraguan outpost. You can catch up on Mari Mar’s endlessly evolving soap opera plots while Feliz Navidad […]

San Francisco in Winter

01.24.12 Posted in San Francisco by