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A map to Armagnac distilleries

08.01.19 Posted in Spirits by

In June we spent some time visiting Armagnac distilleries in the Southwest of France. The area is ravishingly beautiful – full of vineyards, bastides (the fortified villages built to defend against the marauding English), and a variety of culinary specialities that will leave you reeling. The pleasure of the area, technically the Gers / Tenareze, […]

Too bitter, even for an amaro

01.08.19 Posted in Spirits by

On their website they describe it as “To be taken after meals to help digestion, changes in climate or season, quench the thirst of a hot summer’s day, or as an irreplaceable friend in everyday life.” Which is quaint and nice but try as I might over the past months I haven’t been able to […]