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Pick and roll

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Jerry Sloan never won a championship mostly because of one man, Michael Jordan, but he created a truly amazing system.  

No, not that Willie Brown

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Obit du jour from football’s golden age.

The NBA’s back to the future post-season

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As I look at the probable match ups for the post season I’m struck by the West. On one end of the draw you have the Warriors who are prohibitive favorites despite all their weaknesses which come from all the disparate personalities, injury worries, and that ineffable thing called chemistry. Skipping over Denver here to […]

Soccer noir

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Last week’s Samp/Udinese match offered lots to discuss, at least one bogus penalty, Quagliarella’s bid at history, why attendance is low at Italian matches. Amidst all of these distractions I found myself wondering about the state of hair in the Italian game. There is a cluster of guys with the frosted look which always comes […]

Gomorrah and Manchester City

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It’s been pointed out that Pep Guardiola and Ciro Di Marzio aka Il Immortale bear more than a passing resemblance. After watching too much football and the second season of Gomorrah in the past weeks I’m now convinced that Azpilicueta and Lino Musella aka The Dwarf continue the trend. Similar jaw line, missing mole…

Tennis v food in Palm Springs

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The amazing thing about our annual pilgrimage to Palm Springs is that this is the only Garrone family affair that’s not about food, this one revolves around tennis, the BNP Paribas Open, and everything else we can fit in recreationally. When I say it’s about the tennis I’m serious, we’re there for a week, at […]

Exes in suits

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Sporting obsessive of the week

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Editing the 49ers Insider iPad magazine means that I’ve been able to indulge my habit for sports wonkery a bit more aggressively.  Our wonderful designer on the project, Jeremy Yingling, has some amazing work of his own but pointed out this fascinating blog called the NHL Realignment Project which is a design and sports theory […]

From the annals of contemporary art…soccer

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A sculpture of the turning point in Italy’s 2006 World Cup campaign.

Free Mario!

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After Monday’s most excellent Mario Balotelli goal to seal Italy’s advance into the Euro Cup 2012 quarterfinals Mario was quickly shushed by Mario Bonucci.  According to Grantland Bonucci put his hand over Balotelli’s mouth because:  What he said, he said in English and I didn’t understand. So I put my hand in front of his […]