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So long RSS, hello RSS!

08.13.19 Posted in Media, Technology by

It’s been a minute since Google Reader was the organizing factor of online media. Google killed the project to, as they explained at the time, clean up their application suite├é┬álater admitting that they were trying to create their own universe of mico-targeted social media. That worked out real great for Google and the world. Others […]

The future imagined

06.29.11 Posted in Media, Movies, Technology by

Instead of this, we get this: Rimino – A Human Touch on Mobile Experience from Amid Moradganjeh on Vimeo.

Brazen? Lame?

02.22.11 Posted in Technology by

A while back I read a Cult of Mac post about an iPhone bumper that might alleviate the death grip issue with my iPhone 4 so I ponied up for the TruePower ThinSkin Personalization Film with high hopes because it looked less bulky and more flashy than anything else on the market. Actually applying the […]

Award for interface failure

01.07.11 Posted in Technology by

It’s bothered me for years that whenever you complete a transaction at a Bank of America ATM there is no communication that your transaction is complete. At the end of your ATM transaction you just get a screen with the marketing message du jour. Even though I know a transaction is complete I reflexively wait […]