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SF as a location

04.12.19 Posted in San Francisco, TV by

We’ve been working our way through the first two episodes of season two of the OA and – outside of it continuing as the creepiest and one of the best filmed things on TV – it really manages to take advantage of the Bay Area as a location. It has some of the obvious but […]

ESPN’s if you can’t beat them moment of design inspiration

06.21.12 Posted in Sports, TV, Uncategorized by

ESPN’s intros for the Euro 2012 matches as well as this omnibus intro     are a nice tribute to Game of Throne’s title sequence.  It’s had quite an impact visually.

She’s the Lauren Hutton in Mercedes Benz’s Wizard of Oz

01.29.12 Posted in Art, Media, TV by

#Kobesystem = #Kobeparody

01.26.12 Posted in Sports, TV by

Kobe’s attempt at arch self parody actually results in unconscious self parody.


10.03.11 Posted in TV by

The difference between English and American comedy in crystalline form. Catch it now on Hulu.

Why can’t FOX get baseball right?

10.19.10 Posted in TV by

I am like many people in that I have been watching this baseball postseason in bars. As with many bars the jukebox is blaring or even if the TV sound is on you can barely hear it over your fellow fans. I happen to be a Giants fan which means that I’m following the National […]