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Giant fluffy puppies, soccer, and Ronaldo

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All of that and more in Diamantino, a gigantic satire of Portugal and its star number 7 now available on Criterion. Perhaps this marks a new step in their evolution as a streaming service, over the top distributor for films which fall through the cracks. It seems like yesterday but Netflix used to occupy a […]

No, not that Willie Brown

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Obit du jour from football’s golden age.

Your next SF mayor

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According to the SF Chronicle’s Voter Guide  

The wine effect

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Wandering around the Central Coast over the weekend made it clear just how far wine has come in this state. While staying in the tiny hamlet of Los Alamos we dropped into Bodega which, in appearance, looks like every other bougie hipster wine space with a bocce court, corn hole, massive fire cauldron surrounded by […]

ESPN’s if you can’t beat them moment of design inspiration

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ESPN’s intros for the Euro 2012 matches as well as this omnibus intro     are a nice tribute to Game of Throne’s title sequence. ┬áIt’s had quite an impact visually.

Coffee Culture

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This interview with some of San Francisco’s coffee innovators says more than I can imagine about the state of our culture.    

Stable employment

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I want to get a job at the Research Center for Social Contradiction mentioned here. It’s bound to be the most stable employment any of us could ever find.

San Francisco’s taxi problem

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I really wish taxi drivers would turn off their roof lights when they’re occupied. A recent evening trying to hail a taxi revealed that all were already occupied.

Best movie yet about the Greek economic crisis?

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I won’t ruin anything about the story or plot, just read what IMDB has to say about Dogtooth and watch the trailer below to grasp what it’s about and how it intersects with contemporary Greek history. Three teenagers are confined to an isolated country estate that could very well be on another planet. The trio […]

Mark Hop

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