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Soccer noir

02.01.19 Posted in Sports by

Max Garrone | Max Garrone

How did we get back to this?

Last week’s Samp/Udinese match offered lots to discuss, at least one bogus penalty, Quagliarella’s bid at history, why attendance is low at Italian matches. Amidst all of these distractions I found myself wondering about the state of hair in the Italian game. There is a cluster of guys with the frosted look which always comes across as a bit shaggy because of the variability in hair growth and dye aging and then, then you have a cluster of guys who have embraced the Suavecito look replete with a severe part, which feels like it hasn’t been in style since noir.

Max Garrone | Max Garrone

Quagliarella’s suavecito look.

There’s Quagliarella himself as Exhibit A but Stefano Oakaka is an equally forceful exponent of the look on the other side of the ball. Between them the hair product outlay must be enormous. Trend or exception?

Max Garrone | Max Garrone

Stefano Okaka in a shot that doesn’t quite do justice to his suavecito style.

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